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“In addition to having vast knowledge in the field, characteristics that set Dr. Jones apart from other mental performance coaches are her honesty, ability to develop relationships with individuals, and ability to relate as a former college student-athlete.  We respect most, her ability to challenge our student-athletes and coaches to face issues that we would otherwise ignore.  This is a crucial step in developing team dynamics.” 

- Sophie Dennis, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Wellness AND Assistant Field Hockey Coach, William Smith College


Allow XFPC to transform your Sports Camp from a babysitting clininc to a camp that will develop the entire player. Separate your camp from all the rest by incorporating the psychological, emotional, and social skills.
Let XFPC show you how.

XFPC specializes in one on one consulting with professional to youth coaches, atheletes and performers. By merging exercise physiology, psychology, counseling and nutrition, XFPC will help individuals reach their excellence.

Consulting with Athelete Assesments, XFPC has been trained in the delivery, execution, and understanding of your personal sport profile. Discover your true self and reach your excellence.