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Often youth clubs or leagues will bring in an expert to talk to parents about being a supportive youth sport parent.  If you are a club that has done so, what are the lasting impressions/impact   are there any?  Dr. Tiff will make sure to leave a lasting impression on your club, including your parents.  She will provide examples from her work with college student-athletes that will demonstrate the impact parenting can have on children’s academic, athletic, and social performance in a college setting.


"I have had coaches within the club who have placed a whole new level of belief in creating the right mental climate for their teams, I cannot count the number of parents who have changed their parenting, not just in soccer situations but in the lives of their kids at home and have heard multiple times players at practice or at games say “What did Tiff say about this” or “Tiff told us not to say that!"  

- David Newman, Director of Coaching, Forza Futbol Club